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The short film:

The behind the scenes documentary:

The trailer:

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Special thanks to Adi Goldstein for allowing me to license his music for the trailer, and to Norman Wille for allowing me to sample some of his tracks. Thanks are also extended to Chris Collins from, Charles B. Lawlor for writing the end credits music I performed for the behind the scenes documentary and Frederic Bernard for performing music composed by Claude Debussy for the short film. I sincerely hope this project helps more people learn about George Brainerd's forgotten accomplishments.

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All of George Bradford Brainerd's images can be viewed in their full sizes on the Brooklyn Museum website. Special thanks to the Brooklyn Public Library, Tracie Davis and others with the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Public Library, composer Adi Goldstein and Julie C. Moffat for their contributions to this project. Credit for the image at the very top of this page goes to George Bradford Brainerd.