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Starlight Over San Diego reaction on Facebook


Starlight Over San Diego reaction on Facebook

I've been spending a modest amount of my own advertising money to reach people who are likely to be interested in my newest film Starlight Over San Diego, and the results have been great. See this post for all of the comments, and click the "Shares" count to see more reaction!

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Posted by Jordan Liles Photography on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Additional Comments for Starlight Over San Diego


Additional Comments for Starlight Over San Diego

Thank you to everyone for watching my new film Starlight Over San Diego. Here's a selection of new Facebook and YouTube comments that have come in over the last 2-3 days!

Diana Leyva
"Saw Crosby, Stills and Nash in 69. Free concerts from KPRI"

Mindy Jones Timer
“That is sad, used to be such a cool place. And i was one of those little kids up on the stage playing one of the many pianos up there for the annual Thearle's piano”

Dee Sabey
“Wonderful Memories. Thanks for sharing.”

Annette Evans Webb
“Very sad!”

Holly McElhiney
“Super sad :(“

Jack Butler
“Awesome video, the memories come flooding back. A couple of notable concerts I saw there were not mentioned, Lee Michaels and Taj Mahal.”

Mo Bailey
“So glad Sid got to appear on this stage. What a sad closure - I wasn't aware until now. I loved going and freezing like the actors on stage when the planes flew by. The plane interruptions could have been annoying, yet instead it was really a fun part of the experience and even one way the Starlight stood out from other venues. Hmmm, so sad! Thanks for sharing this!”

Nita Gomez
“So sad. I had season tickets for years and took my daughter, Brianna Cerasoli, there in the 80's and went to see EliseG's friends perform there also. Never give up hope.”

Cinda K Lucas
“Breaks my heart to see this. We had 13 wonderful years celebrating our 50th and 60th at an award winning venue. Amazing memories.”

John Flohr
“Loved the freeze when a plane flew over. Best show was Fiddler, Tevia gets the warning to freeze. He steps out, looks up, shakes his head no, and continues to sing over the oncoming aircraft.”

Jack Shepherd
“I know some history, why it failed, options that where passed up. I know that before it was renovated, right at the time they went bust, they offered a revival group a different site. To this day I wish I knew where that was.”

Doug Lister
“really sad. I believe that this was my first experience with professional theater and I thought that it was the greatest”

Dawn M Beisigl
“I remember the delightful novelty of watching the actors freeze with such precision when I was a kid, the fun of working concessions in high school ( thanks to Ed Hollingsworth!) , and was sooo looking forward to taking my own kids. Such a loss for San Diego's families both culturally and historically.”

Mable Syrup
“Very sad”

Carl Dershem
“The venue is good, the talent is here, but the management, as is often the case, fails. I was involved with Starlight from '72 to '77, and learned a lot there. I still stay in touch with some of the people I met there (mostly pit musicians).”

David Hayes
“Seems someone needs to bring the bowl back to life. What a waste to have it just sitting there with all the acting and music talent San Diego has to offer!! I had the wonderful experience of playing in a few of the productions back in the day.”

Tiffany Marie Hall
“So sad! I was in quite a few plays there. Much of my young adult years were spent there.”

Janice Vengley
“I saw so many plays there. Have wonderful memories. So sad that it's in shambles. Hopefully someone will step up and restore it.”

“Wow! I volunteered there in 2008 when Chris Plonka was the Artistic Director. I remember reinstalling plumbing (and cleaning) the bathrooms inside. I remember helping put up the retaining wall stage left, I remember placing rope lighting all over the front for the season opening! Helping run the concession stand during the day and night and even watching the shows from the conference room above the box office. Helping customers with tickets and attending gala's and a UFC fight night there too. I'm really gonna miss that place.”

Stephanie Johnson
“Starlight is one of my shining childhood memories!”

Duane Hansen
“Awesome video for any stagehand, Tour tech ect. kinda emotional”

Marc Crocker
“Very cool”

Jack Bridges
"I love your videos! You are a cinematic urban curator. Sorry to make such a banal comment, but I enjoy your work immensely! Have a wonderful day!"

Feel free to share the film on social media, and also check out the deleted scenes.


First Comments for Starlight Over San Diego


First Comments for Starlight Over San Diego

I have gathered a selection of public Facebook and YouTube comments that have been posted for my new film Starlight Over San Diego. It's my hope that the film continues to spread around San Diego and the world.

ViviAnn Lee
"Had no idea it was gone. Spent many an evening there. However, when I first came to SD I worked at the old Navy Hospital campus, teaching at the Hospital Corps School on the other side of the freeway, so we all had to do the Freeze Maneuver when the planes flew into Lindbergh. 🍷"

Adam Paul
"Santana played there, so did the Allman Brothers. I saw the peace festival there in 2001, Country Joe, Big Brother and the Holding Co, Jefferson Starship, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Iron Butterfly among others played the festival."

Cheryl Shuster Hernandez
"That was a fun place"

Geoffrey A. Cox
":( First professional job here in San Diego. I was there the "final" seaaon and we worked hard to make it no avail."

Butch Dye
"Great !!!! One person not to forget .. Jim Croce played here one of His last concerts..after a few songs He said let the other outside people in for free"

"Dude I'm from SD, this was sick. The 2nd half was literally some next level shit. Really moving. The only thing i wanted to say was that I almost clicked away during the first half cuz i didn't really know what was going on and it just seemed like a home video of you walking around. but then once you started doing the interview and the vintage shots, I was hooked. maybe you could do more of an intro so I know whats coming cuz i almost missed the ending and that was heavy shit. sick tho bro."

Maggie Moore
"My mom would take us many times. Saw some great shows!"

Sandi Grossman Buehner with Ed Hollingsworth and 3 others
"Starlight bowl was my first introduction to theater. Sometimes my mother would take me, sometimes my aunt and uncle. We would picnic in the park prior to the plays. I have wonderful memories, some awe inspiring, others just funny. As I got older, my brother would take me to watch his friends get their start on the stage. This stage was the start for many local actors. They could experience professional theater as ensemble and hopefully over time, grow to a lead role.

When Sid was old enough, I bought season tickets and took him to every play. He often said, "One day, I'm going to be on that stage." I never really thought about it, until one year, he auditioned and did get to perform on the Starlight stage. That experience introduced us to a wonderful family, the Hollingsworths.

Over the years, we often talk about how sad this opportunity is lost on so many upcoming talents. It was a great way to build introduce youth to theater. It was a great way to build solid audience members, people who would forever forward love theater because of their experience as a child.

It is sad, that this historic spot is left to rot. It should be a shining light for our city, rather than a derelict building of only memories."

Jeff Barkley
"I did make up on quite a few shows there"

Gene Klein
"Did 2 shows there. Flyovers were a B_ _C H."

Lisa Marie Lawrence
"I wish it would re- open!"

Mick Garris
"Had no idea this was abandoned. It's where our band, Horsefeathers, performed some of our most notable shows."

Doug Sclar
"Wow, how sad. Spent many a Saturday afternoon there with all the free concerts."

Christian Tordahl
"We walked out on Into the Woods because of all the freezes they had to make due to planes flying over. Never went back after."

Andrew Mena
"A pillar of San Diego theatre! I certainly think of all the shows I saw and all the people I met at Starlight with remarkable fondness.

How tragic that no one has scooped it up and put some soul back into it yet!"

Kaymara D.
"Very nice!"

Frank DeFalco
"Let's bring it back"

More to come. Also check out the deleted scenes.