I have received some interesting responses for my newest video. The video's a bit goofy, and it's different than most of my other work. The thing that I enjoy about creating content that is very narrow and specific, such as a single furniture store from long ago, is that it’s going to feel more personal to a select group of people, which I like. Here are their messages:

“I remember this place. We would pass it on Austin Peay on the way to the Raleigh Springs Mall. Around 1990, the name changed to Heilig-Myers. When they built the new giant Austin Peay Highway through Raleigh, it destroyed all the businesses along the old Austin Peay road.” - Martin S.

“When I saw the commercial I knew right away, a couple of years ago it was a used furniture/ store fixture store. I bought some shelves there.” - J. Robert H.

“I recognized this immediately because I bought a couch from them. The frame of the couch broke two months past the warranty and they still replaced it with a new couch! I still have the replacement because it is in the living room that isn't used very often. What memories!” - William Guin

“I lived behind close by The Furniture Center and used to play pinball when I was a kid at a store up the street. Then later the ice cream store became a Hub Cap Annie.” - Greg C.