I often wonder what the abandoned Divi Tiara Beach Resort looks like today, compared to my visit in May 2013 that resulted in the film below. According to Diane, a commenter on my website, it hasn't changed much. I received this today June 16th:

"I just came back 2 days ago from Cayman Brac. We stayed next door to Divi at the Brac Reef Resort. We passed by Divi a couple of times and it is still abandoned. I'm surprised that another developer hasn't picked up this gorgeous property. At this point I'd be very surprised if the Divi Company has any plans to rebuild. Your video was both chilling and sad to me as there was once a thriving business there that provided much needed jobs for the locals and added so much to the tiny island. Thank you Jordan!"

Watch the trailer for my short film to understand more about this story, and let me know if you visit the island in the future!