Today I present two new films. The first is New York Then and Now: A Tribute to George Bradford Brainerd. In the short film I have included all 28 of my present day photographs that show the same locations and angles as George Bradford Brainerd's images from between 1872 and 1887. Brainerd was a pioneer in early photography, and you can read more about him on my website. Many of these images were previously featured on my website this past April, including a video trailer.

The second film is a documentary that goes in-depth into the above video, revealing how I was able to locate and shoot each photograph. I've also included details about each of the photos, and am excited for everyone to share in my adventure!

Thank you to everyone I have mentioned in the credits of the films, including Chris Collins from, Charles B. Lawlor for writing the end credits music I performed for the behind the scenes documentary and Frederic Bernard for performing music composed by Claude Debussy. I sincerely hope this project helps more people learn about George Brainerd's forgotten accomplishments.