I recently visited the island known as Cayman Brac, and while there I chronicled my discovery of the abandoned Divi Tiara Beach Resort. In the fully edited video below, you get to see my view as I explore the grounds and try to piece together why the buildings are still on the island, vacant and uninhabited. The ending includes a conclusion presenting my research and also shows several interesting before and after photo comparisons. View the complete video in 720p or 1080p below. Fullscreen viewing recommended. 

I’ve also gathered several of my still photos, all of which are available in larger sizes by clicking or viewing below:

The second slideshow below comes from J.J. Dilbert, a photographer who explored the property in August 2010, around four years after Divi Tiara Beach Resort closed: 

Lastly, there are several links below from some old websites that have stories, photos and video from the resort:

Feel free to contribute more content in the comments, and I hope all of you enjoyed the video.