This website is all about me sharing stories of interest. My goal is to post content that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else on the internet, and to do so in a quality manner. I might not update the website very often, but I'm usually working on something new.

My work has been featured on the front page of reddit three times, the number one overall most viewed YouTube video counting all videos in one day's views, the Yahoo home page in the top center placement four times and trending at the top of Facebook's trending stories list for a full day. Thank you to all of the journalists, viewers and writers who collaborate with me.

I recommend checking out my abandoned history films and also my video series that predicted misleading news would impact the 2016 election.

I am a fan of Charlie Chaplin. I watch his movies, read books about his life, collect memorabilia and want to one day visit the beautiful place where he spent his final 24 years: Vevey, Switzerland.

Special thanks to Patrick Conroy for helping to set up some elements of my previous website. His assistance helped to get me going and I wouldn't be where I am today with this website were it not for him.